Tillman Hall is named after a Violent Racist

Benjamin Tillman openly and systematically destroyed the lives and rights of black communities in South Carolina.

The Argument
The action of President Roosevelt in entertaining that nigger [Booker T. Washington] will necessitate our killing a thousand niggers in the South before they learn their place again. Benjamin Tillman, source

Tillman Hall's History

Tillman Hall was not named after Benjamin Tillman until 1946. The current administration and board of trustees have argued that the building's name must stand to protect our history. However, an observer would find it odd that the building was not named during Tillmans life and that other more deserving citizens contributed to Clemson around the same time period of it's name change.

In depth argument

Senator Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina in 1900 discussing the disenfranchisement of blacks

“We did not disfranchise the negroes until 1895. Then we had a constitutional convention convened which took the matter up calmly, deliberately, and avowedly with the purpose of disfranchising as many of them as we could under the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments. We adopted the educational qualification as the only means left to us, and the negro is as contented and as prosperous and as well protected in South Carolina to-day as in any State of the Union south of the Potomac. He is not meddling with politics, for he found that the more he meddled with them the worse off he got. As to his rights - I will not discuss them now. We of the South have never recognized the right of the negro to govern white men, and we never will. We have never believed him to be equal to the white man, and we will not submit to his gratifying his lust on our wives and daughters without lynching him.” Benjamin Tillman, source

Tillman's Legacy

"The whites have absolute control of the State government, and we intend at any and all hazards to retain it."
"We deny, without regard to color, that 'all men are created equal'; it is not true now, and was not true when Jefferson wrote it."
"We made up our minds that the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the constitution were themselves null and void."
" If we had our say, the Negro could never vote. I believe that God made the white man out of better clay than that which the Negro was made from..."



Clemson's main hall is built and called Old Main


Benjamin Tillman dies


Old Main is renamed "Tillman Hall"


The first African-American student to be admitted to Clemson University.

Name Phone
E. Smyth McKissick III, Chairman 864-859-6323
Ronald (Ronnie) D. Lee, Vice Chair 803-642-8678
David E. Dukes 803-255-9451
Louis B. Lynn 803-714-7290
Patricia (Patti) H. McAbee 864-656-5615
John N. (Nicky) McCarter Jr. 803-776-4220
Robert (Bob) L. Peeler 803-744-3361
Cheri M. Phyfer 440-455-1403
Mark S. Richardson 704-618-0061
William (Bill) C. Smith Jr. 803-779-3025
Joseph (Joe) D. Swann 864-277-1071
Kim Wilkerson 803-553-0204
David H. Wilkins 864-250-2231

What you can do!

Share this website on social media and with fellow citizens. Advertising Materials are available to post in community areas

Call the board of directors and let them know that you're not ok with the current state of Tillman Hall

Talk to your fellow students, co-workers, friends and family

Email suggestions, name ideas and questions to disciplinedactivistsc@gmail.com

To those who say that keeping the name is about perserving history

If you are someone who truly believes that we should be immersed in our history then you will not object to a plaque on Tillman Hall with direct qoutes from Tillman demonstrating and condemning the character of Benjamin Tillman for which the building is named.